Deacons at Wilshire

Wilshire’s deacons are men and women who have been called out from among the congregation to fulfill a special role of servant hood. The deacon body at Wilshire is not so much a deliberative or decision-making body as a team of servants and a sounding board for guiding the church’s ministries.

Wilshire maintains an active deacon body of about 60 people at all times. Deacons serve three-year terms and then join the ranks of the Fellowship of the Ordained, or inactive deacons, until they are called to active duty again. Each year, the Deacon Nominating recommends five to seven candidates for ordination. Upon approval of the church body, these new deacons join the ranks of a number of returning deacons to form the active body for that year.

2017 Deacon Officers
Chair:  Charles Yarbrough, II
Vice-Chair:  Bill Hollis
Chair-Elect:  Jason Woodbury

Below are the names of the current deacon body listed by the year in which their term will end.

2017 2018 2019
Ken Baker Steve Brookshire Kelly Akins
Brent Basden Kile Brown Leigh Ann Brown
Mark Blackwood
Pat Cullum
Kevin Cabaniss
Michele Blaker Haley DeVault Michael Capps
Dorrell Brown Jack Dodgen John Coates
Charlotte Bruster Don Floyd
Judy Coleman
Mary Carver Ann HIll
Steve Conner
Bob Coleman Bill Hollis
Diana Early
Fred Cullum Mike Imhoof
Ed Francis
Linda Garrett Mary Kay Jackman
Larry Granberry
Jenyce Gush Gabe Leal
Mary Keller
Rhett Mason
Debbie Meripolski
Gladys Kolenovsky
Cary McDougal
Brenda Morris
Britt McClung
Michael Moorhead
James Perry
Mark McKenzie
Shaeron Moorhead
Scott Prewett
Suzy McLaughlin
Gwin Morris
Debbie Rampey
Tim Morgan
Sondra Wallis
Dennis Smith
Meredith Mosley
Gina Ortegon
John Parnell

Katy Pritchard
Henry Stone
Kyle Thomas
Jason Woodbury


Service Opportunities & Responsibilities

Deacons are lay members who serve in all areas of the church—as teachers, committee members, care givers and worship leaders—but take on additional responsibilities as ambassadors for the common good of the church. Deacons serve the Lord’s Supper in Sunday morning worship each month. Deacons are the first to make personal contact with first-time visitors to worship through the Ambassador Program. Deacons set the example in caring for children in extended Worship Care opportunities. Deacons provide Security assistance during morning and evening worship services and serve the Lord’s Supper to the Homebound. And deacons listen to and give guidance to the pastoral staff of the church.

In addition to the service opportunities, deacon responsibilities include attendance at monthly deacons’ meetings. 

Fellowship of the Ordained

In 2005, Wilshire created the Fellowship of the Ordained as a designation of any member of Wilshire who is ordained as a deacon, but not actively serving as an elected deacon (reserve deacon). The designation also recognizes that all deacons are expected to be actively engaged in service to the Church even though they may not be currently serving as an elected deacon. Ordained ministers of the church not actively serving on the church staff are also included in the Fellowship of the Ordained.

As a member of the Fellowship of the Ordained body, deacons and ministers receive copies of minutes of all deacon meetings and Church business meetings; offered opportunities to serve, as needed, with the Lord’s Supper and Worship Care; and invited to one deacon’s meeting each year or as needed.

Deacon Emeritus

In 2007, the Deacon Emeritus category was established for individuals over the age of 75 that rewards long-term faithfulness to Wilshire. Deacon Emeritus designation offers permanent membership in the Fellowship of the Ordained; invitation to any meetings of the Fellowship of the Ordained copies of minutes of all deacon meeting and Church business meetings; and the freedom to serve in all the ways available including the Lord’s Supper, homebound visitation, Worship Care or any other duties of reserve deacons.