A different kind of Baptist church

Whether you’re looking for a church near you or a church in Dallas that shares your values, you’ll find a warm welcome at Wilshire. We’re located between the Lakewood and Lake Highlands neighborhoods of Dallas, with easy access from East Dallas, the Park Cities and points all over the Metroplex.

Although founded in 1951, we like to say Wilshire is “a different kind of Baptist church.” We're Christian by conviction, Baptist by tradition and ecumenical in spirit. We’re an inclusive Christian community of believers where you are welcome whether you’re young or old, male or female, gay or straight, married or single or divorced, with children or without, a longtime Christian or someone full of doubt and exploring the faith.

We're a safe place to wrestle with life's questions and find your role in the mission of God to the world. You’ll not hear too-easy answers here; instead, you will be challenged to think for yourself and to ponder God’s call on your own life. You’ll also be challenged to step out of the pew and become involved in service to the community and the world.

Our mission is to build a community of faith shaped by the Spirit of Jesus Christ. In addition to our vibrant Sunday morning worship times, we offer a wide range of small groups and classes for everyone from babies to senior adults. We’re an intergenerational church that values helping congregants get to know people who are like them and people who are not like them.

When you visit on a Sunday morning, come to our 8:30 or 11:00 worship times, which are identical in format. Both meet in the Sanctuary, which is clearly visible from Abrams Road. Plan to stay for small-group Bible study in our classes that meet at 9:40 every Sunday morning. Friendly volunteers at our Welcome Center will explain the choices to you and even walk you to the right rooms.

You’re also invited to check us out in advance by watching any of our weekly worship times on our YouTube channel or Facebook page.

What does it mean to be "a different kind of Baptist church?" Here's what Senior Pastor George Mason says:

"We mean nothing mean toward other Baptist churches, but the differences in style, approach and missional focus are palpable. We take Baptist convictions seriously. We practice the priesthood of all believers by celebrating the leadership of members in worship, ministry and decision-making. We do not default to the pastor or staff by delegating the work of the church to the professionals."

"Worship is centered on God, not on ourselves. We don’t come to entertain or be entertained. We sing and pray and preach as though God is the primary audience, not a casual observer of our gathering. Good choral music, hymn-singing instead of bands and big screens, are only signs of higher values. Tradition matters. The vertical is more important than the horizontal."

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste, even in church. We want informed faith, not blind faith. We don’t just wave the Bible and quote it; we study it and listen to it and wrestle with it and with one another over it. Disagreements do not lead to divorce, only to a more lively fellowship."

"A woman’s place in the church is wherever she is gifted to serve. Gender is a difference to celebrate, not to discriminate.The battered, the bruised, the broken and the bitter are welcome, along with the last, the lost, the little and the least. The church is a haven of healing as much as a sanctuary of saints. Since God is always more interested in our future than our past, so are we."

"We are open to all and closed to none."

There's a place for you at Wilshire.