Senior adult community

Sixty is the new 40, right? Senior adults at Wilshire are anything but inactive. In fact, our senior adult community enjoys a robust mix of learning, social activity and travel. The starting point is Sunday School. Dive in and find the class that's right for you. Guests are invited to visit numerous classes until you find just the right fit. Sunday School meets every Sunday at 9:40 a.m.

Senior adult activities

adventurers-web-1.jpgWilshire Adventurers is a special fellowship group for anyone 60 and above. The Adventurers offer at least one activity every month, ranging from game days to guest speakers to day trips to big travel trips. Learn more on the Wilshire Adventurers page.

New Song is Wilshire's senior adult community choir. It rehearses on Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. in Choral Hall from September through early June. The choir includes folks from 15 other churches, plus Wilshire members, all gathering to enjoy a great time in music and service. New Song sings somewhere in the community about once a month and sings in worship at Wilshire about once a month. Contact Sarah Stafford at 214-452-3121 for more information. New Song page

There's also a large group of senior adult who gather for lunch at Koinonia Cafe in Wilshire's Community Hall every Wednesday starting at 11 a.m. Then stay in Community Hall for the speaker-led Bible study from noon to 1:00 p.m.  Koinonia Cafe is also offered at dinner during the school year from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Community Hall followed by a variety of Bible studies and/or class topics. 

Sunday School class suggestions:

CORD OF THREE. Adults, mainly in their 50s and 60s, share a vision for developing caring relationships, participating in stimulating Bible study and lively discussion, and welcoming members and visitors alike. The class takes its name from Ecclesiastes 4:12: “Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Director is Mary Carver. Meets in Room 3308.

BEST. Boomers Encouraging and Studying Together is the thread that holds this class together. Most class members are in their 60s or early 70s, are still working and are fully engaged in church and community. The class is taught by a rotation of teachers. The director is Vicki Briley-White. Meets in Room 3211.

KOINONIA. Open to all ages, this class focuses on in-depth biblical and theological studies. Taught primarly by Joe Haag, the class uses both an academic and spiritual approach. Director is Paula Alloway. Meets in Room 1205-G (new room).

WHOSOEVER WILSHIRE. Ever doubted or wondered what God was up to in your life? If so, you would feel at home in Whosoever Wilshire, a blended group of married and single adults, ages 60s to 70s, with diverse life experiences. The class welcomes doubters, thinkers, skeptics, inquirers and seekers. Taught by a rotation of teachers. Director is Nancy Stretch. Meets in Room 3105

COMPASS. A curriculum committee plans lessons with input from members, creating a mix of Bible study and topical studies related to Wilshire’s mission of “building a community of faith shaped by the Spirit of Jesus Christ.” Class members range in age from 60s to 80s and enjoy vigorous discussion on almost every issue, believing rigid conformity to dogma is not the message of Jesus Christ. Directors are Becky Waterfield and Michael Moorhead. Meets in Room 3103.


CHARLIE'S ANGELS.Ranging in age from 60s to 90s, this class is an active group of senior adults. Bible-based lessons are taught by Linda Garrett. Meets in Room 2365.

OPEN BIBLE. Taught by Craig Keith, this large class is made up of four decades of senior adults in their 60s to 90s. Learners of all ages are welcome. Lessons are based on books of the Bible and include reading from Scripture, presentation of Bible commentary and spirited group discussion. Meets in Room 1205-L (new room). 

Intergenerational class options:

THE WIRED WORD. A new adult Sunday School class beginning April 1. This intergenerational class especially seeks to engage adults who are not currently attending Sunday School and anyone looking for a fresh start in group Bible study. Directed by Alice Willhoite, the class uses a variety of guest teachers, who will connect the Bible with national and international news of the preceding week. Meets in Room 3201.

PERENNIAL: RECURRING THEMES AND TIMELESS CHARACTERS. This newer intergenerational class uses a rotation of teachers to present a two-year cycle of lessons that repeat continuously. The uniquely Wilshire curriculum focuses on the great themes and characters of the Bible. Each week’s lesson explores a character study (like Abraham, for example) or a grand theme (like grace, for example) as it plays out through the Bible. Shawn and Alison Ashmore are directors of the class. Meets in Room 3208 . 

FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH. This special class offers a means to engage with Scripture in a broad and holistic way. If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the Bible as a whole, learn about how the stories fit into the larger framework, and become more familiar with the stories themselves, this is the class for you. Directed by Dennis Smith and taught by a variety of Wilshire’s best teachers, this class currently is working through the Old Testament. Meets in Room 3202 (new room).

DISCOVERY. Taught by Associate Pastor Mark Wingfield, Discovery Class is an easy entry point for anyone new to Wilshire or new to adult Sunday School. Lessons focus on books of the Bible or biblical topics of interest. This is an intentionally intergenerational class, with members from their 20s to 90s. This class is also available online via livestreamMeets in the Parlor.

For guests and new membersWILSHIRE WELCOME CLASS This special class operates on a four-week cycle that repeats continuously. Come in at any point in the cycle and leave when you’ve experienced all four session, designed to introduce newcomers to Wilshire’s history, theology, practices and people. It meets in McIver Chapel Room 1100-B on the first floor, south end of the building. Contact Tiffany Wright at 214-452-3107 for more information. Check this month's schedule for Wilshire Welcome.

Need help finding your way into the senior adult community at Wilshire? Contact Jessica Capps, minister to senior adults, at (214) 452-3129.

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