Young adult community

The young adult community at Wilshire is strong and diverse. You'll find here young professionals, couples, singles, stay-at-home moms, stay-at-home dads, single parents. Sunday School is the beginning point to find your place in the young adult community. Pick a class and try it; then visit other classes until you find the fit that's best for you. All classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:40 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Sunday School Class Suggestions:

NEW YOUNG ADULT CLASS. A new Sunday School class has recently formed for adults under age 25, including college students. Minister to Students Darren DeMent teaches the class, which meets in Room 3201. So, whether you are in college or not, home from college or working in the real world, come try something new.

ITHAKA. A rotation of teachers teaches this class for single and married adults generally between 25 and 32 years. The group normally gathers a little later than other classes, starting about 10 a.m. Directors are Jenny Wolff and Luke Willson. Meets in Room 3206 .

ODYSSEY. This class is designed for folks generally between 30 and 38 years of age, but not exclusively so. Come be part of a new learning community with Vic Henry, teacher, and his wife Candy McComb, director. Meets in Room 3207.

GENESIS. Topics include scriptural studies from both Old and New Testaments, Christian history and contemporary issues. A strong biblical focus guides discussions, led by John Parnell, with occasional guest teachers. Class members are mostly couples ranging from late 30s to early 50s with preschoolers through high schoolers. Directors are Patrick and Sarah Rose. Meets in Room 3309.

LABYRINTH. This class of people in their 30s and early 40s offers a combination of Bible exploration and contemporary questions of faith. Topics range from Old Testament Bible stories, heard anew or for the first time, to questions surrounding faith and science, Scripture and truth. Director is Alden Crissey. Meets in Room 3303

AVODAH. “Avodah” is a Hebrew word meaning both “work” and “worship.” These adults, mainly in their 30s and 40s, discuss how to bridge the gap between Sunday worship and Monday living. Topics are selected by the class and have ranged from examining a theology of money, to the theology of U2 and often include video segments. Teachers and directors are Alan Wright and Andrew Warden. Meets in Room 2309.

SEEKERS. This diverse group of adults mainly in their 40s is constantly seeking to follow God's will through study, prayer and interaction with one another. Many have preschoolers through high school children. Several teachers rotate responsibilities, with a variety of short-term topics. Director is James Perry. Meets in Room 2305.

BEGINNINGS. Periodically, Wilshire offers a six-week class Sunday morning class for newly and nearly married peoples, all ages including those in the community who may have another church home. It is led by Wilshire members and includes a Prepare and Enrich Evaluation and Assessment. For those not married yet, completion can earn you a discount on the cost of your marriage license. Weekly topics include communication, five love languages, spirituality in marriage, conflict resolution, family of origin, and finances. For more information or to sign up for an upcoming class, please contact Tiffany Wright at (214) 452-3107.

Need help knowing where to start or need additional information about adult classes?
Contact Mark Wingfield at (214) 452-3128.

*For guests and new members: WILSHIRE WELCOME CLASS This special class operates on a four-week cycle that repeats continuously. Come in at any point in the cycle and leave when you’ve experienced all four sessions. Designed to introduce newcomers to Wilshire’s history, theology, practices and people. Meets in McIver Chapel Room 1100-B on the first floor, south end of the building.
Contact Tiffany Wright at 214-452-3107 for more information. Check this month's week-by-week topic schedule for Wilshire Welcome. Topics and their weeks vary from month to month.

Intergenerational options:

PERENNIAL. In this intergenerational class, you are welcome to visit for a short time or stay for a longtime. Using a rotation of teachers, the class explores recurring themes and timeless characters from the Bible in a two-year cycle. This class will help you connect the threads that run throughout the Bible and understand the characters who shape the biblical story. Directors are: Shawn and Alison Ashmore. Meets in Room 3208. 

FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH. This intergenerational class offers a means to engage with Scripture in a broad and holistic way. If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the Bible as a whole, learn about how the stories fit into the larger framework, and become more familiar with the stories themselves, this is the class for you. Directed by Dennis Smith, Laura Smith and Henry Stone and taught by a variety of Wilshire's best teachers, this class currently is working through the New Testament. Meets in Room 3303.

DISCOVERY. Taught by Associate Pastor Mark Wingfield, Discovery Class is an easy entry point for anyone new to Wilshire or new to adult Sunday School. This is an intentionally intergenerational class, with members from their 20s to 90s. Lessons focus on books of the Bible or biblical topics of interest. This class is also available online via livestream on Sunday mornings at 9:50 a.m. and archived videos are available on the Discovery Class Live page or on Wilshire's Youtube channel. Meets in the Parlor. 

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