Reasons to register for VBS now

Wilshire Vacation Bible School (VBS) will be
Sunday, June 10 — Monday, June 11 — Tuesday, June 12
6:00 to 8:00 p.m. nightly

1. It’s going to be cool.

babylon-vbs_box.jpgImagine Community Hall turned into a biblical marketplace filled with shops, artisans, food and crafts that give kids hands-on understanding of Bible stories as they come to life.

2. Everyone can participate.

Because this year’s VBS is at night, it’s accessible to preschoolers and children with two working parents as well as children of single parents and all households.

3. It’s only three days.

Rather than taking up an entire week and competing with other summer day camps, this year’s VBS runs Sunday night through Tuesday night only.

4. You’ll want to bring a friend.

Wilshire’s VBS is the ideal event for your children to bring their friends along, because there’s room for everyone.
(But pre-registration is encouraged for all participants).

5. Kids will have fun learning Bible truths.

Children will join their tribe as they visit the marketplace, worship and learn about turning tough times into opportunities to trust God and live courageously.

Register today online at

VBS is open to preschool children who will have completed a 3-year-old preschool class by June 10 through children who will have just completed sixth grade.

For questions about preschool VBS, contact Minister to Preschoolers Joan Hammons at (214) 452-3141.
For questions about first to sixth grade VBS, contact Minister to Children Julie Girards at (214) 452-3104.