Weddings at Wilshire

Facilities are available for Christian weddings for Wilshire Baptist Church members and for immediate family of church members only. Here are the basics you might want to know:

  • The church expects that a couple married at Wilshire believes in God. Furthermore, the church desires that God be the authority guiding their lives, now to be united in holy matrimony. Every effort will be made to protect the theology of the wedding and its significant relationship to God. Secular celebrations such as musical selections or military exercises will be appropriate at the wedding reception, but will not be a part of the wedding service in the Sanctuary or McIver Chapel.

  • A wedding coordinator will be assigned to each wedding. Personal wedding coordinators may also be used, but they must work in consultation with Wilshire’s wedding coordinator. Wilshire wedding coordinators must be on-site for all weddings.

  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed anywhere on the church property, including parking lots and dressing rooms. Any member(s) of the wedding party found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be removed from the church property.

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the church building, including restrooms and dressing rooms.

  • The use of Wilshire ministers is preferred for all weddings. The wedding coordinator can assist you in securing the services of a Wilshire minister for your wedding. Outside ministers, particularly those who are family members of the bride or groom, are welcome to officiate in wedding ceremonies at Wilshire if prior arrangements are made with the associate pastor.

  • All music selections must be approved in advance by the church’s wedding administrator.

  • All music in the ceremony must be performed live. No recorded music or accompaniment tracks are allowed.

  • Child care is not provided for wedding rehearsals, wedding ceremonies or wedding receptions.

  • While weddings are joyous celebrations, they are also worshipful and sacred. Wilshire requests that the bride, groom and wedding party select attire that is appropriate and tasteful for the wedding rehearsal and wedding ceremony.  

We offer two primary locations for weddings.

The Sanctuary seats up to 800 and has a piano and a pipe organ.


McIver Chapel seats up to 150 and has a piano and an organ.



Wilshire offers excellent and convenient facilities for your reception. Venues include the our newly-renovated Community Hall, the James Gallery and the Parlor. Our director of food services will assist you in virtually every aspect of the planning and execution of your reception no matter how informal or elaborate and will provide sample menus as well as price lists for every budget. If you wish to use the Wilshire facilities for your reception, you must schedule the room with the Barbara Clayton, and arrange a consultation with Wilshire's food services director Elizabeth Ferguson at 214-452-3117. Fees for the reception room and food are separate from the wedding fees.


To inquire about having your wedding at Wilshire, contact Barbara Clayton, wedding administrator, at (214) 452-3125.

More information on wedding policies.